The First 3 Steps


  1. Get GO PRO and schedule the appropriate time in your calendar or phone to complete it within a week. If you’ve already read/listened to the book, you know the value! Do it again as a review and use the worksheet this time.
  2. Download and print the LTD Course Outline
  3. New to doTERRA? Begin with the Fundamentals to Success module. Been around and looking to rank advance? Jump right to Rank Fast-Track.


If you’re new to dōTERRA, think of this journey as your 2 to 5-year freedom plan.

Most people do not achieve 6-figures in network marketing their first year. It is certainly possible, but it’s much more the exception than the rule. Remember, you are creating residual income andsuccess-quote impacting many lives. In a nutshell, here is what it takes to succeed:

Commit to the 2-5 year plan and continue to develop and grow both personally & professionally
Enroll 3+ customers and a builder EVERY month
– Launch, support, and nurture others who want to do the same (and remember, this must come authentically from the heart for it to work – it’s all about creating and maintaining strong relationships)

Have you been around dōTERRA for a while, but feel like you aren’t where you’d like to be?

Don’t worry! Let yourself off the hook, let the past go. Take a DEEP BREATH and forgive your upline, your downline and yourself. And, recommit right now to your dōTERRA dream.

Acknowledge that YOU have what it takes inside to achieve whatever rank you want to be, as long as YOU make it a priority. No one ever looks at their one-year-old baby and says, “sorry, you’ve fallen a hundred times. Walking probably just isn’t for you.” That would be ridiculous, right? Well, if you still have a vision and goal in your heart for dōTERRA – keep going! After all, I always tell my leaders that the only wrong way to do dōTERRA is to quit. 

The first book I’d recommend getting is GO PRO: 7-Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre. Getting it on iTunes or audibles is even better. It’s only about 3 hours, so you can easily listen in one afternoon while cleaning the house or in the car during your commute.

Eric really makes the book come alive and gives many scripts and language suggestions that are very useful to hear a few times. You can download a worksheet in the GO PRO lesson to assist you in focusing in on key concepts. I wish I had this book when I started, it would have set me miles ahead on my journey to network marketing success.

Next, click here to formulate a CLEAR vision of what you want to create in your business… 

Start here: Creating Your dōTERRA Vision – Step 1

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