Staying in Compliance

Compliance is critical to growing and maintaining a successful business. It is important to use disclaimers, be clear that you are not a doctor (unless you are), and never make any drug claims.

Consider adding a disclaimer slide such as this to any presentation deck, as well as having a sign-in sheet with disclaimer language (right).


Disclosure & Informed Consent

As dōTERRA Wellness Advocates, it is not our intent nor are we in any way attempting to diagnose, cure, advise, or prescribe medical advice for any disease, ailment, injury, or condition. Please consult your physician or another trained medical professional if you have questions regarding a diagnosis, treatment, or medication. This disclaimer acts as the explicit waiver of any liability of the Wellness Advcocate and dōTERRA as a company.

Watch this short 13 minute compliance video where Rich Highbee, VP of Sales for dōTERRA, and Ben Tyler, Corporate Attorney, discuss compliance best practices for Wellness Advocates.

Governing Agencies:

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): Ensures things are true and ethical

Food & Drug Administration (FDA): Regulates the claims that are made about products (whether true or not)

Quick Tips:

  • Stay on the well side of “wellness” – taking healthy people and making them feel better (versus taking a sick person and making them healthy, which would be a drug claim and is NOT compliant)
  • Stick with structure/function statements about the body, such as “The Breathe blend supports clear, effective respiratory health” versus “Breathe will help your asthma”
  • Print and utilize the two attached quick reference documents from dōTERRA compliance – this includes good structure-function language, as well as approved claims for every oil and product

Now that you have a solid understanding of compliance, let’s move on to the next course Teaching Classes & Events!

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