Resources and Tools

Understanding how to use essential oils and what makes them beneficial is important, but can be an intimidating process!

Knowledge is often the inspirational vehicle, which leads people to new thoughts, behaviors, and quantum personal shifts. Information and learning can make us value things at a deeper level.

banner-resourcesSometimes people have one great experience with an oil and get enrolled, but don’t have a Wellness Consultation or aren’t given tools to follow up and begin learning for themselves.

These people frequently stop ordering and never go on LRP, because you obviously never run out of products you don’t use, or feel compelled to order new things if you’re not using what you have. Make sure to take advantage of the resources available to you and present them to anyone you enroll! The oils definitely don’t work if they sit on a shelf in the box. Make a commitment to being a great upline resource to your customers, sharers, and new business builders.

Resources and Tools

Oils, Protocols, and Ailments: What to Use for WhatTablet-Phone2

Local Resources:

Online Resources & Training:

  • Aromatic Science is a website dedicated to the science and research of essential oils. It is great for your personal education but is NOT compliant to share to any social media pages where you refer to dōTERRA or any other brand. 
  • dōTERRA Science is a complaint site to share and has great research!
  • Essential Oils Revolution Summit – a free online event with 36 presentations from essential oil experts. After the annual live event, you can purchase the full summit and speakers. Again, this is only for your personal oil education and is NOT compliant to share elsewhere.


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