How to Place Orders

There are two ways to place dōTERRA orders:

1. Set up an LRP Order – See the next lesson for detailed instructions (this is the best way to purchase oils and save money!)


2. Placing a Standard Order – you can do this in your back-office at anytime:

Go to

Enter your Wellness Advocate ID and Password (you either created this if you signed up yourself or contact the person who enrolled you and set up your account)

Go to the second tab, which is “Shop”

Shop Tab Back Office

Click a category below the Shop tab or enter an item into the search box to the right

Select the item you want and click “Add to Cart”

Shop Products Back Office


Once you have everything you want, click “Go to Cart” which will bring you to the check out page

LRP Cart Back Office


Click “Continue” and input credit card and shipping information

If you run into any questions or challenges, you can click “Live Chat” and a customer service representative will assist you or call dōTERRA at 800-411-8151.

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