Have Your Wellness Consultation

Wellness PyramidA Wellness Consultation (also called Lifestyle Overview) is typically given when someone new signs up for dōTERRA to teach them how to use their products. If you have not gotten one, follow up with the person who enrolled you and ask them for one or check out the virtual wellness consult Laura Jacobs does here.

The goal of the Wellness Consultation is to:

  • Orient you to your new dōTERRA kit
  • Create a personalized daily routine based on your needs
  • Answer any initial questions
  • Make sure you understand the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program and how to best order/save money
  • Create product recommendations for future orders based on wellness goals and needs

Prepare for your Consultation

A good way to prepare is to think about your health history and current situation. What are three health concerns or goals you would like to address with plant-based medicine?

Have your Kit/Products in Front of You

Whether doing your consultation over the phone or in person, you will want to have your products on hand so you can become more familiar with them.

Take Notes

It can be difficult to remember everything from this meeting, so be sure and jot down notes. Most people find it helpful to post their new daily routine in the kitchen, by their bed or at work. In an ideal world, the person giving you the Wellness Consultation sends the form they filled out to you afterward (or gives you the Live Guide with your notes if you’re meeting in person).

Consistency is key!

Start using your oils every single day to really embrace the wellness lifestyle and experience the full benefits of what they can do for you.You can’t benefit from products you don’t use! 

Try refreshing oils in the morning and afternoon (Peppermint, Wild Orange, Lime, Elevation, etc.). Follow your daily routine and end your day with an essential oil bath or by applying your favorite soothing oils (Balance, Serenity, Marjoram, Frankincense) to the bottoms of your feet, neck and shoulders. Many people exclaim how they love that the oils help them go through their day with so much more intention!

Be Prepared

KeychainIf you are at work and get a headache or the occasional tummy upset, but your oils are at home, they aren’t going to help you much! It’s important to carry your go-to oils with you. You can get a pouch to bring full bottles or purchase a  sample bottle keychain in your back-office so you can carry small vials with you. These also make great gifts!

Most people like to have these oils on hand:

  • OnGuard – Immune support
  • Balance – Grounding; harmonizing and de-stressing effect on the emotional body
  • DigestZen – Digestive support; use topically and internally for any occasional digestive discomfort
  • Breathe – Relieving; supports respiratory health and enhances mood during times of stress
  • Frankincense – Systemic support; great for grounding and increasing your sense of wellbeing – when in doubt, use Frankincense!
  • Peppermint – Invigorating; good for a pick-me-up, freshens breath, reduces sugar cravings, soothes tension headaches, cooling
  • Lavender – Calming; alleviates skin irritations and itchyness, as well as occasional seasonal threats (Springtime)
  • Wild Orange or Lemon – Uplifting; increases clarity of mind and refreshes the spirit


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