Tips to Maximizing Success

Tips to Launch to Diamond Success:

    1. MJordan success quoteSchedule training time. Put it IN your calendar, make a commitment, and hold yourself accountable. Decide what courses and modules are best for you to start with and dive in. Do it NOW: grab your calendar and block out time.
    2. Get plugged in. IMMEDIATELY get in the middle of this thing – join your uplines Facebook groups, follow dōTERRA on social media, make sure there is plenty of essential oil paraphernalia around your house, go to local events, and find a way to remind yourself of your goals and mission every day.
    3. Make a commitment to play B-I-G. You planted a golden seed by deciding to do dōTERRA as a business. That seed is full of potential – freedom, abundance, joy, the fulfillment of helping others, and so much more. But, it does not happen on its own. You’ll need to be strategic and persistent. Your job now is to water it EVERY DAY in some way through your thoughts, your words, and your ACTIONS. Nurture the growth of what dōTERRA can mean for you, believe in yourself, decide this is YOUR path and you WILL make it happen. Thousands of people are achieving their wildest dreams in dōTERRA and thousands of other people are sitting around doing nothing wondering why their life isn’t changing and complaining. Which camp are you choosing every day? The good news: your success or failure is completely up to YOU. 
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