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Reach YOUR Next Rank with Launch to Diamond!

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  • Instant access to ALL 100+ lessons on how to maximize compensation, placement strategy, conduct wellness consultations, mentor others, and onboard NEW customers constantly!
  • Creative Recruiting Methods from job boards such as Craigslist, events and booths, online advertising with Facebook and webinars, and networking!​​​​
  • Advanced Marketing tactics to personalize your email campaign, optimize your customer experience, how to sign up retail customers , spas, yoga studios, and health practitioners!
  • Leadership and Personal Development training on how to create a successful business strategy and time management training to create the perfect 10-hour work week!.


  • BONUS #1 : Learn to Sign Up Businesses with Al Garcia (Blue Diamond)
  • BONUS #2 : My Chemistry Made Me Do It with Laura Jacobs (Double Blue Diamond)​​​​
  • BONUS #3: Access to 14-Day Essential Oil Master Class for customers!
  • Bonus #4: Social Media Secrets Revealed  (Live Pre-Convention Training)
  • Bonus #5: dōTERRA 2018 Leadership Q&A Panel: Invite to Grow Your Business


A new year gives you the chance to renew your commitment to your business!  

How many lives would you like to touch in 2019? Launch to Diamond will be there every step of the way to inspire you on your journey!

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